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OUT OF THE DARK: A Docu TDoR Short Film

Celebrating the Transgender, non binary and queer experience & honoring those lost this year.

Following the life stories of 11 individuals of the lgbt community who identify as transgender, non binary, & queer. Getting an in depth and different perspective on what joy, fear, love & freedom through the queer experience is. Coming together in strength and honoring those lost to transphobia & queer-phobia manifested into violence. Turning Transgender Day of Remembrance 2021 into a celebration of power & community while bringing to light the unspeakable truths of our reality. Together we are changing history, building a better future & coming out to of the dark.

CREDITS/Instagram Handles:

Director, Producer, Marketing, Story Board & Cinematographer: Aaron Harris - He/Him/His - @thatshortguy_35

Assistant Director, Asst. Story Board, Producer, Director of Photography: Kelly Tran - She/Her - @kelliou_

Producer, Cinematographer, Photographer, Asst. Editor: Danni Rojas - He/Him/His/They/Them/She/Her - @dannicalifornia90

PA & Creative Support: Nayelli Topete - She/Her - @najelly75

Kelly Tran - She/Her - @kelliou_
Sharra Lou Botuyan Arriola - She/His/They - @claudedebutchy
Venus Vera - She/Her - @venus_vera
Sarah Aspell - She/Her - @steadysweetsarah
Angel Adam Bernal - He/Him - @ericdravn
Carlitha Kilbert - She/Her - @cobweb
Alex Vera - He/Him - @m0ldaviteking_
Danni Rojas - He/Him
Koda Charlie-Moon Delgado - He/Him - @notnotkcmd.z
Vhatokhad Mahkceb - He/Him - @spookie_snack
Lucy - She/Her - @dearlucy__

*This short film is non-monetized & part of student portfolio 2021 **Donations for expenses for project creation accepted/Funds will go toward C.A.V.E Program & Through The Lens Course Program** 



And Then There Were Seven

Following the story of Aaron born a drug addicted micro-premie in 1995, abandoned after a year of fragile life and then later adopted in 1998, he was raised in Ventura, California with his adoptive family. Growing up in a quiet beach town he found acceptance and gained a supportive network during his gender transition at 17. Questioning his adoption all his life he makes discoveries about his birth family, Native American Heritage, and his siblings. He beings his journey 3,000 miles across the United States to Maryland to meet his 6 birth siblings all adopted together by Heidi and Douglass Hendrix. Through more then two decades, the longing of having all seven together finally come to an end. With tears, love, perseverance and hope they build a new supportive family dynamic and discover just how powerful family truly is.


Can They Hear US Now?

After the news broke about the 215 indigenous children on Kamloops Residential School grounds, a wave of marches, protests and survivors speak up against the horrors that went on from within. Following the life story of Sonya Rock from Gitxsan Nation, Frog Clan. She tells her gripping and powerful story of the abuse, the difficulties and the loneliness she faced at the hands of priests and nuns while attending Residential School. Her resilience, bravery, and power to overcome and share her story with the world is one to bring awareness to our people and the 5,000+ children found as of September 2021.

• Production Studio: Mato Studios @Mato_Studios805 on Instagram

• Director: Aaron C. Harris @thatshortguy_35 on Instagram

• Executive Producer: Rae Lawrence

• Narration: Ira Timothy @thatnativeguy79 on TikTok

• Cinematography: Jason Plant, Raymund Garcia & Rae Lawrence

License for song in possession of Director Aaron Harris. Video clips from Canadian Archives and Royal BC Museum