Through the Lens with Aaron Harris

In this 10 course/1 a week program I will go over each of my career driving motivations that helped me create, build, and shape MATO STUDIOS and myself as an Independent Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Business Owner & Creative. As I continue my work in creation, film and sharing stories through the lens I live by these words I’ve curated. I will be speaking, sharing, teaching and going over each of these either in person or through a zoom classroom. There are limited spots available, ending with a Q&A/Open Chat forum with the Director and possible special guests.

Program fee: $65 per course

C.A.V.E Member fee: 2 free courses of your pick & fee cost: $40

(10% of funds will be donated to Translife-Line, remaining funds go towards C.A.V.E grants & C.A.V.E Film Program)

Course Topics:

  1. Never miss an opportunity

  2. Always Make Connections

  3. Show Up on Time

  4. Be Yourself

  5. Never Say You Can’t

  6. Set Boundaries

  7. Everyone Eats at the Table

  8. Start Low and Watch Yourself Grow

  9. Never be Idle

  10. Find your Passion