C.A.V.E - Creatives, Artists & Visionary Effort 

Creating a diverse, accepting, inclusive, and safe space for POC & LGBTQIA+ creatives, artists, visionaries, and aspiring filmmakers. Learn from Film Director & Producer Aaron Harris, Director & Producer Danni Rojas, and more! While a member of C.A.V.E you will get hands-on experience in fields such as Production/Assistant Director, Storyboarding/screenwriting, Cinematography/Gaffers(lighting), Video Editing, Production Assistant, Interviewing, creating B-Roll, Production Marketing and Multi-Media Marketing. You will also get opportunities to attend events, meet people from all walks of life, build connections, and create community. 

Membership Fee: $100 a year or $170 for 2 years

Included in C.A.V.E Membership:

Through the Lens: 2 free Seats and reduced cost of $40 per Course

C.A.V.E Member Shirt, Stickers, opportunities to attend Member in-person local mixers/online monthly round table discussion to build and connect with other creatives from all over!

C.A.V.E Internship Program:

Help create a Narrative Short Film from start to finish. This program is a Multi-Day internship broken up into 3 different segments with different time frames depending on how quick the creation process takes.

Segment 1: Storyboard/Screen write/Create film Meeting

Segment 2: On set/Film

Segment 3: Editing/Present

Opportunities Available:

  1. Storyboard/Screen Writer: Learn key points with your mentor in the story and creation process: 2 Intern Spots

  2. Cinematography/Graffer: Lights, Camera, Action! Assist with lighting, angles, camera work, electric: 2 Intern Spots

  3. Editing: Help with the Editing team: 2 Intern Spots

  4. Production Assistant: On Set Production assistant, Help with Talent/Wardrobe/crafty/Production: 2 Intern Spots 

  5. AD Intern: Assist the 1st AD & 2nd AD: 2 Intern Spots

**Program is unpaid, opportunities for growth, reference building, and future paid opportunities**


Must be 18 years or older 

No film experience necessary

Serious Inquiries Only!

Passionate, creative, & Strong Work Ethic


Application Cost: $65 - Low Income/Sliding Scale Available.

C.A.V.E Members: Application Fee: $45

(All funds from Application and donations go to the C.A.V.E Internship Program Film's Short film project)


3 Professional References

Phone Assessment Interview

Submit a 500 word essay on why you believe attending the C.A.V.E Internship program is going to be a great experience, what you hope to learn, and how this can build your future in film making!


Email cavefilmprogram@gmail.com